As we told you back on March 10, it was unlikely that Charlie Sheen would ever get his day in court against Warner Bros and/or Chuck Lorre. This is even more true today. The latest development is that Lorre’s lawyer Howard Weitzman has succeeded in wrapping Lorre into Warner Bros’ arbitration over Sheen’s contract. Deadline previously reported that Weitzman was trying for this just hours after Charlie’s juicy lawsuit was filed against the studio and the executive producer of Two And A Half Men. That’s also when the Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services accepted the Warner Bros vs Sheen dispute for arbitration. Now JAMS will include Chuck vs Charlie, too. The contract, like most in Hollywood, calls for private arbitration to settle all disputes, thus thwarting Team Charlie’s attempt to draw the studio and Lorre into a messy public court fight. Insiders tell us that pretty much the only way Team Charlie could face Lorre in court now would be if Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer wins an injunction against JAMS, and that’s considered extremely unlikely. Right now, no such injunction has been filed.