Charlie Sheen mania shows no signs of subsiding. Sirius XM Radio announced today that it has created Tiger Blood Radio, a 24-hour limited run channel providing around-the-clock coverage of the troubled Two and a Half Men star.

Meanwhile, Spike TV is doing an animated special named after another of Sheen’s catch phrases: Charlie Sheen’s Winningest Moments. Using Taiwanese animation, the special will be a countdown of 10 to 12 of Sheen’s most outlandish moments hosted by two Taiwanese female characters, “The Goddesses.” Among the moments commemorated in the special, slated to premiere next Wednesday, are:

  • Charlie wrecks a hotel room and loses a $150,000 watch
  • Charlie Sheen rents a mansion and fills it with porn stars who live as one big happy family
  • Charlie Sheen does the drug Charlie Sheen

As for Sheen himself, he was on the radio again this morning, this time on Philadelphia station Wired 96.5, which had sent its interview request in a form of a banner flown by an airplane over Sheen’s house. Here is what Sheen said about the prospects of Men continuing with him.

”Absolutely the gig’s coming back, and I have absolute faith in that, not hope because hope is for suckers,” he said. “I see us back on the air with a few adjustments, and giving the people not only what they want but what they deserve, which is loyalty.”