After a brief stint as the star of his own Internet series Sheen’s Korner, Charlie Sheen this morning returned to his original favorite outlet: radio interviews. In two back-to-back chats, one on Los Angeles’ K-Earth 101 and one on Dan Patrick’s show, he stressed that he has no idea why he was fired from Two and a Half Men.

He apologized to former Men co-star Jon Cryer for calling him a troll … sort of. “I was in a mood, and I threw that out there …” Sheen said. “It’s a half apology — it’s an apol!”

On his potential replacement on the show, Sheen said he has been talking to Rob Lowe. “He’s a buddy of mine, he’s a beautiful man, a brilliant actor, and I hope he does it and kicks its ass because I still get (paid),” he said. (Warner Bros. TV certainly has a different opinion on that.) Sheen’s advise for his replacement? “Don’t look at the 177 episodes that I brilliantly did. Just park those! Ignore the 400 reruns every week that you can’t avoid. Cancel your Sheen app. I’d recommend, in all seriousness, that they make it their own.”

Sheen also mused on how a new actor might be introduced on the show. “Do you have (co-creator/executive producer) Chuck (Lorre), that silly sad troll, talk in the camera and say, ‘Here’s what happened,’ and then Rob Lowe comes out? Or do they just do it, without explaining it, and hope no one notices?”