Deflecting any questions about the future of CBS’ top comedy Two and a Half Men, CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves today talked about the upcoming upfront market and his bullish projections for CBS. Speaking at a Deutsche Bank investor conference in Florida, Moonves predicted ad rate increases of at least 10% for CBS at the upfront market. If advertisers, who had been sticking to single-digit increases in the past couple of years, don’t go for the steeper rate hike, the network plans to hold its inventory for the scattered market. Moonves also said that, with CBS’ lineup as stable as it is, the network would only make a few scheduling changes for next fall. “We don’t have very many holes in our schedule,” he said. There is not a lot that is going to be canceled,” Moonves said. “I wish we had another network to program.” Current regulations don’t allow companies to own 2 major broadcast networks though CBS, in partnership with Warner Bros. co-owns the CW. It also has pay cable net Showtime.