UPDATED: For a third straight year, AFTRA is dominating the broadcast pilot season by representing about 90% of the pilots. Of the 79 pilots ordered by the 5 broadcast nets, 69 are being covered by AFTRA, with one other still TBD.

Those that I have confirmed to be SAG-affiliated are NBC’s Wonder Woman reboot from David E. Kelley, the network’s Broadway-centric Smash, period Western The Crossing and the untitled Whitney Cummings comedy. Also SAG-represented are ABC’s comedy Suburgatory and Fox’s drama Exit Strategy, which has strong feature pedigree – director Antoine Fuqua and star Ethan Hawke. Also in the SAG column are 2 other drama pilots directed by big-name feature directors, ABC’s Phillip Noyce-helmed Revenge and CBS’ untitled Susannah Grant medical drama directed by Jonathan Demme. And, because Fox’s dramedy Bones is done under a SAG agreement, its planted spinoff The Finder automatically goes with SAG.

Once again Sony Pictures TV went 100% AFTRA, with the other studios doing only a handful projects with SAG: UMS (3), Warner Bros. TV & 20th Century Fox TV (2), ABC Studios & CBS TV Studios (1).

The shift from SAG, once the dominant actors union in broadcast primetime, to AFTRA started 2 years ago with the threat of a SAG strike. A strike was avoided and a more moderate leadership of SAG was elected but TV studios stayed with AFTRA, something that has been made possible by the proliferation of digital technology. Only series shot on 35mm have to go with SAG; digitally filmed shows can be SAG- or AFTRA-affiliated. Because the decision on filming equipment is made mainly by the pilot director, it’s often pilots helmed by feature directors who insist on using 35 mm film that get a SAG representation.

AFTRA’s dominant performance during broadcast pilots season in the past 2 years led to a fundamental primetime shift last fall when for the first time AFTRA overtook SAG as the top actors union representing 45 series on the broadcast networks this season vs. 38 for SAG. Of course, with the growing movement for unification within both unions, such separation could soon be rendered irrelevant.

Here is a list of the AFTRA-affiliated broadcast pilots this season:

Title Length Network
Bad Mom 1/2 hour ABC
Charlie’s Angels 1 hour ABC
Damage Control 1 hour ABC
Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23 1/2 hour ABC
Georgetown 1 hour ABC
Good Christian Bitches 1 hour ABC
Grace 1 hour ABC
Hallelujah 1 hour ABC
Identity 1 hour ABC
Untitled Tim Allen 1/2 hour ABC
Lost and Found 1/2 hour ABC
My Freakin Family 1/2 hour ABC
Once Upon A Time 1 hour ABC
Other People’s Kids 1/2 hour ABC
Pan Am 1 hour ABC
Partners 1 hour ABC
Poe 1 hour ABC
The River 1 hour ABC
Smothered 1/2 hour ABC
Work It 1/2 hour ABC
The Assistants 1/2 hour CBS
The Doctor 1 hour CBS
Hail Mary 1 hour CBS
Home Game 1 hour CBS
Homegrown 1/2 hour CBS
How To Be a Gentleman 1/2 hour CBS
Person of Interest 1 hour CBS
Ringer 1 hour CBS
Rookies 1 hour CBS
Two Broke Girls 1/2 hour CBS
Untitled Ed Redlich, John Bellucci 1 hour CBS
Untitled Rob Schneider/Lew Morton 1/2 hour CBS
Untitled Sports Radio Project 1/2 hour CBS
Vince Uncensored 1/2 hour CBS
Awakening 1 hour CW
Cooper & Stone 1 hour CW
Hart of Dixie 1 hour CW
Heavenly 1 hour CW
The Secret Circle 1 hour CW
Alcatraz 1 hour FOX
The Council of Dads 1/2 hour FOX
Family Album 1/2 hour FOX
I Hate My Teenage Daughter 1/2 hour FOX
Weekends at Bellevue 1 hour FOX
Iceland 1/2 hour FOX
Little In Common 1/2 hour FOX
Liz Meriwether Project 1/2 hour FOX
Locke & Key 1 hour FOX
Outnumbered 1/2 hour FOX
Tagged 1/2 hour FOX
Touch 1 hour FOX
17th Precinct 1 hour NBC
Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea 1/2 hour NBC
Bent 1/2 hour NBC
Brave New World 1/2 hour NBC
Emily Spivey Project 1/2 hour NBC
Free Agents 1/2 hour NBC
Grimm 1 hour NBC
I Hate That I Love You 1/2 hour NBC
Lizer Kari Project 1/2 hour NBC
Lovelives 1/2 hour NBC
Mann’s World, A 1 hour NBC
My Life As An Experiment 1/2 hour NBC
Lennon Parham/Jessica St. Clair 1/2 hour NBC
Playboy 1 hour NBC
Prime Suspect 1 hour NBC
REM 1 hour NBC
SILA 1 hour NBC
Untitled Dan Goor Project 1/2 hour NBC
Untitled Peter Knight Project 1/2 hour CBS