Former Heroes star Adrian Pasdar is back at NBC, this time on the comedy side. In what would be his first regular gig on a half-hour series, Pasdar has been tapped as the male lead opposite Sarah Paulson in NBC’s untitled Kari Lizer pilot. The project, from Warner Bros TV, is a workplace comedy about Mary Leahy (Paulson), a relationship-challenged woman who, with the help of her co-workers, guides people through unexpected career transitions and downsizings. Pasdar will play Brad, a super-confident guy who has drunk sex with Mary in a bar bathroom. After seeing how charming he is, Mary and her partner ask him to join their company. This is actually Pasdar’s second comedy pilot, and both times he has been cast under Bob Greenblatt: In 2003, he did the Lifetime pilot A Screwball Homicide, which was executive produced by Greenblatt, now head of NBC, where the Lizer pilot is set. Pasdar, repped by ICM and Fidelity, recently did an arc on ABC’s comedic drama Castle.