Even though there’s no script or any creative attachments, the hot movie project of the week has to be Dead Island. It’s a videogame that won’t be released until November by Techland by X-Box 360 and PlayStation 3. There’s a stampede for screen rights that was prompted by a teaser trailer that sets a most touching context to a flesh-eating zombie premise. The teaser got 1 million hits in 24 hours. Lucky for producers Sean Daniel Company’s Daniel and Jason Brown and Union Entertainment’s Richard Leibowitz and Dmitri Johnson, they corralled the screen rights nearly a year ago. Studios and agencies are all over them, suggesting talent packages and story lines to try and make a screen deal. That will likely happen in the next week or so.  The film will will follow a Memento-like storyline, even though the video game does not. Daniel knows his way around a big ticket movie, having produced The Mummy franchise, and Union has made screen development deals from vidgames that include Invasion Earth (with producer Ed Pressman) and Zero G and Blacklight, both of which were set at Fox. Here is the terrific trailer that has created such heightened interest: