A year after kids programming producer Cookie Jar Entertainment signaled its intention to broaden its portfolio under veteran TV executive Tom Mazza, Cookie Jar’s EVP and head of Worldwide TV, the company has set up a number of primetime projects in addition to several projects catering to kids. Helping the company’s primetime efforts is former UPN drama head and Regency TV executive Maggie Murphy who recently joined Cookie Jar. Here is the company’s development slate featuring projects for U.S. and Canadian networks produced under the primetime label The Jar and kids moniker Cookie Jar:

Know It Alls—the story of a group of kids who attend a school for geniuses, from creator Todd Greenwald (Wizards of Waverly Place). The show is being developed to air on The Hub in the U.S. and Family Channel in Canada.

Blah Girls—featuring animated girls satirizing popular culture, based on a Web series.  Produced by Katalyst and The Jar for MTV.

Lords of the Playground—a half-hour comedy created by Andrew Orenstein (Malcolm in the Middle) for CBS.

All Over You—created by Lori Kirkland Baker (Frasier) for Lifetime.

Varsity—from Christy Stratton (King of the Hill), about a misfit’s adventures on a cheerleading squad, created for Teen Nick.

Spyburbia—created by Steven De Souza (Die Hard), about a team of spies posing as an ordinary family. The show is being produced by The Jar for Global Television Network in Canada and has also been set up at Fox.

Ella—a show from Sheila Dinsmore (Caillou), based on a successful series of children’s books about a little elephant with a big imagination. It’s currently in development for Disney Channel in the U.S.

Untitled project from Scott Fellows (Big Time Rush), and Dr. Dimensionpants, from Brad Peyton (Cats & Dogs)—two animated shows being developed for Teletoon in Canada.

Cookie Jar’s existing series include Johnny Test 5 for Cartoon Network in the U.S. and Teletoon in Canada,  now in its fifth season, animation/live-action hybrid Mudpit, set to premiere in September 2011 on Teletoon in Canada, and live-action series DEBRA!, which premieres in May 2011 on Family Channel in Canada. Additionally, Cookie Jar continues to program the CBS Saturday Morning block of children’s E/I programming, as well as E/I content on the digital channel, This TV, and in syndication.