3rd UPDATE SUNDAY PM: Well, there were no promos for the Charlie Sheen interview during the actual Oscar ceremony. They aired during the Red Carpet coverage and after the credits. That is outside of the area where the Academy has a say.

2nd UPDATE SUNDAY AM: According to ABC, there will be promos for the Charlie Sheen interview during the Oscar telecast after all, two of them.

UPDATE Saturday 9 PM: ABC just landed the hottest TV interview of the moment, a sitdown with troubled  Two And A Half Men star Charlie Sheen, to air on Good Morning America and as a primetime special next week. The timing couldn’t be  more perfect because ABC’s biggest promotional platform, the Academy Awards, airs tomorrow night. But there may be no trace of a promo for the interview during the awards telecast. I hear there is behind-the-scenes fighting between ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences over airing promos for the Charlie Sheen interview during the Oscar broadcast. GMA executives in New York are particularly upset and have been complaining about the situation. “They have the ‘get’ of a lifetime but the Academy won’t let them promo it on the Oscars,” one insider said. Word is the Academy controls or has a say in everything that airs during the Oscar broadcast, including promos for ABC programming. And Academy bigiwigs feel a tabloid fixture like Sheen may not a good fit for the film industry’s biggest night.

Meanwhile, I hear ABC has been protecting the footage of the interview like a nuclear secret. It was transferred from Los Angeles to New York under a code name. Conducted at Sheen’s private gym with his trainer present, the interview shows a very buff Sheen who boasts about his physical shape. He admis to taking great amounts of cocaine but claims he can quit his addiction on command and that he was clean during the interview. Sheen also continued his verbal assault on Two And A Half Men co-creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre. ABC News correspondent Andrea Canning landed the interview because of a long history of text exchanges with Sheen. She was on GMA earlier this week discussing her most recent conversation with Sheen via text.

PREVIOUS: After a slew of radio interviews, troubled Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen is taking his rants to TV, taping an interview with ABC News’ Andrea Canning. The interview will air as a special one-hour edition of 20/20 at 10 PM on Tuesday and will also be milked daily on Good Morning America and ABC News’ Website.

From ABC News’ announcement today, it seems like we’ll hear more of the same – Sheen explaining why he is attacking CBS, Two and a Half Men co-creator/showrunner Chuck Lorre and studio Warner Bros. The actor also is sticking to his claim that he is 100% clean and plans to show up for work next week despite the fact that CBS on Thursday shut down production of Two and a Half Men for the rest of the season.

ABC landing the Sheen interview is not surprising. While he stuck mainly with syndicated radio shows, TMZ and Radar, ABC News was the only news outlet to do an interview with the actor over the past week, a text message exchange also credited to Canning. (And we can safely assume CBS News did not pursue a sitdown with the star.)

The interview, which is bound to improve ABC’s languishing ratings in the Tuesday 10 PM slot, marks Sheen’s return to the network that gave him a start as a sitcom star on Spin City where he replaced Parkinson’s-stricken Michael J. Fox.