The agency will book his arena-filling stand-up comedy tours, but Dane Cook signed with UTA to boost his acting career. He was already set to make his Broadway debut this spring in Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig, alongside Julia Stiles and Josh Hamilton, and he was just booked to guest star in an episode of CBS’s Hawaii 5-0, playing Scott Caan’s brother. Cook has been in such films as Dan in Real Life, Good Luck Chuck, Waiting and Mr. Brooks, but hasn’t yet been able to duplicate his stand up success onscreen. Cook left CAA late last year, and continues to be managed by New Wave Entertainment’s Barry Katz. He certainly doesn’t need help on the stand up part of his repertoire, where’s a cash machine. He just completed an arena tour last month, and released his sixth album, I Did My Best–Greatest Hits. He’s always near or atop the rankings of big-earning comics (if Cook is runner-up, it’s because he does fewer dates) and he’s got a social network following of 7 million.