UPDATE, MONDAY: The fast-food restaurant chain, which on Saturday became PTC’s new main target, has pulled its ads from MTV’s Skins.

UPDATE, SATURDAY: Today, the Parents Television Council praised another advertiser, Wrigley, for suspending advertisements on MTV’s Skins. Another company, H&R Block, also has asked that its MTV ads don’t run on Skins. PTC is still going after other advertisers for endorsing a program with such “extreme” content. Just this morning, PTC activists began contacting Subway directly.

FRIDAY 3:15 PM: General Motors has joined Taco Bell in pulling advertising from MTV’s racy drama series Skins, according to the Parents Television Council, which has been leading the crusade against the show that features suggestive or explicit content with underage actors.

Ads for GM’s Chevy Volt aired during the premiere of Skins on Monday. But GM has told PTC that Skins was on its ‘do not buy’ list on MTV, that the commercials had aired in error and that the company has no intention of advertising on the show. “Every single advertiser who sponsored the premiere episode of Skins is not only endorsing, but glorifying teen drug and alcohol abuse, not to mention a plethora of baseless sexual content,” PTC said in a statement. It also listed the sponsors for Skins, urging them to withdraw their support for the show: Schick Hydro, H&R Block, L’Oreal, Subway, Foot Locker, Orbit chewing gum and Extra chewing gum. The TV watchdog yesterday called on the U.S. Senate and  House Judiciary Committees and the Department of Justice to open an investigation for possible child pornography and exploitation on the show, because of the ages of its cast, 15-19. Here’s a promo for episode 2: