From Ray Richmond who is contributing to Deadline Hollywood’s TCA coverage:

UPDATED: During Californication‘s TCA session, a critic suggested that the dark comedy might have gone too far in Season 3 to resemble porn. “Oh , wait, that’s totally not fair,” star David Duchovny said. Added creator/showrunner Tom Kapinos, “I don’t feel like it’s ever gone too far.  And porn is real people having sex on film.  I mean, these are people pretending to have sex while naked.  There’s nothing ‑‑ to me, that’s not porn.”

Co-star Evan Handler was also quick to support his boss. “Every one of the sex scenes in the show, at least the ones I’m involved with anyway, they’re never just to show two people have sex,” he said. “They’re always to make a comment about sex or about these particular characters having sex or the relationship of those characters. I wouldn’t get a lot of titillation value from the show, personally.  It’s all in the pursuit of a comedically true moment.”