EXCLUSIVE: New Video has made the latest Sundance film deal, acquiring the David Sington-directed financial crisis documentary The Flaw. New Video plans a limited theatrical run and then release on DVD, VOD and digital platforms. Sington’s documentary tackles the financial meltdown, and gets its title from U.S. Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan’s acknowledgment that he’d discovered a flaw in his model of how the world worked. Sington, the British filmmaker who previously made In the Shadow of the Moon, breaks down in detail the reasons behind the 2008 crisis, from credit default swaps to greed and avarice. The film was produced by Christopher Hird (The End of the Line), Luke Johnson and Stephen Lambert of Studio Lambert. The film debuted last Friday. “The Flaw delves into one of society’s most pressing concerns with precision and intelligence,” New Video acquisitions president Mark Kashden said. “We wanted to be sure David’s film reaches the widest possible audience through our multi-platform strategy.”