LOS ANGELES, (January 27, 2011) — Screen Actors Guild’s member service offerings just got another big boost with the online debut of the Guild’s Foreign Royalties Tracker. SAG’s Foreign Royalties Tracker, an online search tool that launched on the Guild’s website last night, gives members the ability to log in and see a full-view report of any foreign royalties that may have been collected on their behalf.  Not all members will have foreign royalties and thus will not show up in the Tracker. Those members who do have foreign royalties or who wish to find out if they do, can now log into the Tracker on the SAG website and check it out.

“This is one more way in which we are continuing to distribute funds to our members as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said SAG Deputy National Executive Director and General Counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland.

Work on the foreign royalties data collection and tracking process began several years ago with the creation of data identification and mapping processes to collect and track foreign royalties payment receipts and distributions. The robust data management engine begun in 2007 now houses, manages and reports millions of bits of data, while the new Foreign Royalties Tracker provides members with an online tool with which to view their personal foreign royalties data record.

The Guild’s Foreign Royalties program has collected $18,112,887.69  in foreign royalties for performers and has thus far distributed $8,778,291.10 in more than 273,000 checks, to more than 76,000 individuals.

Members who want to see what the Guild’s Foreign Royalties Tracker is tracking for them should log in to their member account at SAG.org. If they don’t yet have an online account, they can register for an account by clicking “Registration” on the top right hand section of the SAG.org home page. To find out more about the Guild’s foreign royalties program, visit the foreign royalties page at http://www.sag.org/content/foreign-royalties.