EXCLUSIVE: Time Crimes, the remake of the 2007 Spanish time travel film, has been moved by Steve Zaillian from United Artists to DreamWorks. Zaillian, who’d set it up at UA to produce, has also committed to rewrite the script. Tim Sexton wrote the early drafts, with Zaillian overseeing as producer along with Agnes Mentre. Zaillian’s Film Rites has a first look deal at DreamWorks. He takes on the writing job after a productive period where he adapted the Stieg Larsson novel The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for David Fincher and Scott Rudin at Sony Pictures Entertainment and made a deal to write the followup, The Girl Who Played with Fire. Zaillian has the Bennett Miller-directed Moneyball coming next fall with Brad Pitt. And The Irishman, Zaillian’s scripted adaptation of the mob memoir I Heard You Paint Houses, is shaping up as a film Martin Scorsese will direct, with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci starring.

Time Crimes is an intricate science fiction thriller in which a man repeatedly goes back in time an hour in an attempt to alter the events of a crime. Film Rites’ Garrett Basch will be executive producer along with Eduardo Carneros Gonzalez and Nacho Vigalondo. Vigalondo wrote and directed the original, released under the title Los Cronocrimenes. Zaillian’s repped by WME. Below is a trailer from the original film: