Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has promoted Steve Bodow, Jennifer Flanz and Jim Margolis to co-executive producers, Tim Carvell to head writer and Pam DePace to supervising producer. Meanwhile, Josh Lieb, who had been with the show for four years, most recently as executive producer, is leaving to go to Los Angeles and work on workplace comedy script for NBC and Warner Bros. TV. Bodow joined The Daily Show in 2002 and held positions as a writer (2002-2006), head writer (2007-2010) and supervising producer (2008-2010).  Carvell began in 2004 as a writer (2004-2010).  DePace started in 1996 and was a production manager (1996-2008) and line producer (2009-2010).  Flanz joined in 1998 as a production assistant (1998-1999) and moved on to roles as an assistant production coordinator (1999-2000), production coordinator, (2000-2001), production manager (2001-2003), coordinating producer (2003-2007) and supervising producer (2007-2010).  Margolis joined in 2001 as a field producer (2001-2005) and was upped to senior producer (2005-2006) and supervising producer (2006-2010). Lieb joined The Daily Show in 2006 as co-executive producer and was an executive producer from 2009-2010. He was also one of the team contributors to the bestseller, Earth (The Book), as an editor and writer. The show’s new producing team includes Jon Stewart and Rory Albanese as executive producers, Steve Bodow, Kahane Cooperman, Jennifer Flanz and Jim Margolis serving as co-executive producers, Pam DePace, Hillary Kun and Adam Lowitt as supervising producers, Jill Katz as the executive in charge of production, Tim Carvell as head writer and Chuck O’Neil as director.