EXCLUSIVE: I’ve just heard that Harvey Weinstein has succeeded in selling the spinoff Project Runway: Accessories to The Weinstein Co’s hit TV fashion contest show on Lifetime. Exactly how this will work remains to be seen: making jewelry or hats sounds easy. But constructing handbags or cobbling shoes? This I gotta see. To date, Project Runway has been a worldwide hit, airing in many overseas countries. It also has spawned several indirect spinoffs, like Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style, Models On The Runway, and On The Road With Austin And Santino, but those have only lasted one season each. Meanwhile, Project Runway already sells the “Project Runway Accessories Design Challenge Sketchbook Set”. The original show premiered on Bravo as a sleeper hit its first season on December 1, 2004 and even received an Emmy nomination for outstanding competitive reality series. Then Harvey Weinstein gave Bravo the heave-ho and signed a 5-year deal to relocate the show to Lifetime Television beginning with Season 6. In response, NBC Universal filed a lawsuit to stop the move, delaying the show’s debut, and eventually the two sides settled. Not long after, NBCU became one of the owners of joint venture A&E Television Networks (along with Hearst Corporation and Disney-ABC Television Group) which owns Lifetime.