EXCLUSIVE: I’ve learned that The Weinstein Company will move up the release of Blue Valentine two days to Wednesday, December 29. The goal is to get a two-day head start on that New Year’s holiday weekend. The film will start on one screen in New York and one in Los Angeles, with another theater added in Gotham on December 31. The pic will then expand into 10 markets on January 7.

The NC-17 rating that was slapped on the film MPAA and then rescinded on appeal has heightened awareness of the Derek Cianfrance-directed relationship drama. Also factoring in the decision is the performances of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams getting Golden Globe nominations for their work playing a couple in a disintegrating marriage. It is fascinating that the film finally gets released in theaters, almost a full year after it debuted at Sundance Film Festival last January. TWC acquired it shortly after.