EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros Pictures executive vice president Jessica Goodman will be leaving the studio at year’s end. Goodman informed Alan Horn and Jeff Robinov of her decision to leave months ago, but she stayed on to see through the production of movies. The last of them, the Steven Soderbergh-directed Contagion, wraps in the next few days. Goodman, who is married to Paramount Pictures production chief Adam Goodman, started as an assistant at Universal, but has essentially spent her entire 13 year career at Warner Bros., and meshed well with those Warner Bros producers with out-sized personalities like Joel Silver and Jerry Weintraub. Among the dozens of films she supervised are the upcoming Martin Campbell-directed Ryan Reynolds-starrer Green Lantern, The Informant!, Watchmen, I Am Legend, Michael Clayton, The Brave One, Training Day and the Ocean’s Eleven films. Goodman will take her time deciding her next move.