More than a month after we broke the story about Cartoon Network’s decision to cancel live-action series Unnatural History after one season, fans of the show continue to weigh in on the cancellation in the comments section of the story. They have now been joined by Unnatural History creator Mike Werb. He just posted a note thanking everyone who had expressed support for the Warner Horizon TV-produced show, which was set in  Washington, D.C. and centered on Henry, the skilled son of globetrotting anthropologists solving the postmodern mysteries of high school with the help of his best friends Jasper and Maggie. Werb also addressed the prospects for Unnatural History continuing on another network and laid out his story ideas for Season 2. Here is what he wrote:

I am sorry but we have been unable to secure a second season from another network. The reasons are too tedious to get in to but thanks for loving what was. It’s nice to hear that the show I intended to make (a show that both kids, teenagers and parents could watch alone or together without ripping their eyeballs out — reached some people — even if that audience wasn’t large enough to satisfy the network. There’s some website on facebook where people hit “like” to request that Warners release the season on DVD. In case you are on FB and so inclined – I think it’s called “unnatural history dvd release.”

SEASON 2 THOUGHTS for those interested: I had planned a 2-part opener with extreme adventures involving Genghis Khan’s tomb, a Mongolian death worm, Henry’s disappearance in a sand storm, the rescue of a newborn camel as well as Henry’s parents and uncle Bryan. The rest of season 2 (upon the leads return to DC) would have covered subjects ranging from the kids finding the 18 1/2 minute gap of the Nixon/Watergate tapes, Hemingway’s lost novel, vampire finches (they really exist), a Stradivarius violin, a Native American mystery, DB Cooper, the underground railroad, etc. etc etc — plus a deepening of the triangular relationship between Henry, Maggie and Jasper, the return of Jasper’s mother from France — among other familial and emotional issues set against historical and scientific adventures.

Anyway, for the handful reading this — wishing you all a happy, healthy 2011.

Mike Werb, creator, Unnatural History