EXCLUSIVE: Are these one-sheets for two DreamWorks Studios movies too similar? I’m told that Cowboys And Aliens director Jon Favreau thinks so. And this morning Universal and DreamWorks even had a talk about it. So look above at the teaser one-sheets for Cowboys & Aliens about aliens on earth for Universal/DreamWorks for release July 2011, and I Am Number Four about aliens on earth for Disney/DreamWorks for release February 2011. An insider emails me: “Cowboys & Aliens finished their one-sheet designed by Universal and approved by everyone, including DreamWorks. A month later, DreamWorks posts their new poster for I Am Number Four. Jon Favreau went nuts at DreamWorks.” Interestingly, an exec at DreamWorks just told me there will be a 2nd “look” debuted soon (see one-sheet to the right) “that will make up the bulk of the campaign. And we don’t think audiences will have any difficulty distinguishing between the two.”