Steve Martin is demonstrating the power of creativity on Twitter. In the past few days, he’s written short and sweet reminiscences on the passing of Blake Edwards and Steve Landesberg. But Martin has spent the better part of the last few days filing reports from what appears to be jury duty, at an Ashton Kutcher pace. The punchline: Martin isn’t on jury duty at all, per his spokesman. But his Twitter site — — is quite funny, as you’ll see below. And he has presented the possibility that it might be possible to Twitter one’s way out of the jury pool.

REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: guy I thought was up for murder turns out to be defense attorney. I bet he murdered someone anyway.

REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Prosecuting attorney. Don’t like his accent. Serbian? Going with INNOCENT. We’re five minutes in.

REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: I’m cracking up defense with my jokes. Judge not pleased. Defendant finds me funny. Nice guy!

REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Defendant’s hair looking very Conan-y today. GUILTY.

REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Attorneys presenting “evidence.” Since when are security photos, DNA, and testimony evidence? Trusting intuition.

REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Lunch break. Discussing case with news media gives me chance to promote my book.

REPORT FROM JURY DUTY: Now forcing my autograph on other jurors. Also starting whisper campaign of innocence based on Magic 8 Ball.

Slipped into evidence blow-up of fingerprint with my face worked into it. Got screams! Judge now banging gavel on my head. Hard to twee…

Defendant running for exit. Not to escape, but out of disgust. Judge wearing NOTHING under his robes. We are adjourned until tomorrow.