In 1997, Kelly Oxford, a stay-at-home mother of three in Canada, started a blog that was later joined by a Twitter feed. Her Internet creations, which showcase her short comedic observations and musings about mundane things, pop culture and current events, grew to become a cultural force and attracted the attention of Hollywood’s elite, including actress Jessica Alba. Now, Oxford is writing Mother of All Something, a comedy project for CBS based on her blog and Twitter feed, with Alba attached to executive produce. Will & Grace alumna Jhoni Marchinko is supervising the pilot and is also executive producing behind her 2-script deal at 20th Century Fox TV. Oxford will serve as supervising producer on the project, which is produced by CBS TV Studios. She is with WME, which also reps Alba and Marchinko. Here is how Oxford describes herself on her blog:

more likely to be wearing animals than protecting them
Previously described as: your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. Currently described as: your mom.
If I was a mood board you would see:
gold, ativan and a photo of David Sedaris drinking my breast milk.

CBS, which launched the first series based on a Twitter account this fall, $#*! My Dad Says, has two more Twitter feed-based comedies in the works for next season, Dear Girls Above Me and Shh … Don’t Tell Steve. Here are some recent tweets by Oxford:

  • At night, my iPad becomes an expensive flashlight.
  • I’ve been to two U2 concerts. Not really a fan, I just like to feel like I’m in a really long Coke commercial.
  • God was so smart starting Adam and Eve off as adults and skipping the whole baby part.
  • If a girl’s automatic reaction to another girl is hate, they’ll end up best friends.
  • Something people in Walmart have? Colds. Something people in Walmart are missing? Ankles.
  • Sarah Palin is going to Haiti? Haven’t these people been put through enough this year?
  • Lindsay Lohan, I respect you for not owning a dog.
  • Whenever I get depressed about society and how dumb we are, I try to remember that every one of us is here because someone wanted to orgasm.
  • 3yrs for evading taxes? Make (Wesley) Snipes wax taxpayers cars instead. Like Biff had to wax the McFly’s car after he tried to rape Lorraine in it.
  • When a guy gets dumped by a girl and says ‘She had issues’, I assume one issue was she didn’t like him.