EXCLUSIVE: Kurtwood Smith will co-star on CBS’ midseason drama series Chaos. He is set for the regular role of Director Higgins, which was played in the pilot by Stephen Rea. As part of CBS’ midseason series order to the 20th Century Fox TV-produced project in July, the two sides decided to recast the part. Chaos centers on rookie CIA Operative Rick Martinez (Freddy Rodriguez) who is forced to spy on his dangerously unpredictable new team members in the ODS (Office of Disruptive Services), facing the possibility that they’ll betray and abandon him in hostile territory. Smith’s Director Higgins is the political, manipulative but calm middle-management director in the Clandestine Administration and Oversight Services who tricks Martinez into becoming a mole for him in the ODS team. The series is yet to begin production on its 13-episode order as it is waiting for star Freddy Rodriguez to finish a movie. Smith is used to playing government figures. The actor, probably best known for his roles on the Fox comedy That ’70s Show and in RoboCop, played an U.S. Senator on 24 and an FBI agent on Medium.