Talk about life imitating art. Julian Fellowes, Oscar-winning screenwriter and creator of ITV snob drama Downton Abbey, which PBS will show in January, has been made a Tory peer. Fellowes, who’s complained that the problem with success is that it’s very time-consuming, will now have even less time to pen the 2nd series of Downton if he’s to be fulfilling his duties in the House of Lords, the Brit equivalent of the Senate. At least he’ll be at home. Fellowes is utterly posh — his wife was lady-in-waiting to Princess Michael of Kent. He once remarked that she was the only woman at the 2002 Oscars who didn’t need to borrow her jewels. Michael Grade, the ex-chairman of the BBC and ITV, is joining Fellowes as a Conservative peer. Grade is currently chairman of Pinewood Shepperton and of management company James Grant Management, whose clients include Piers Morgan.