EXCLUSIVE: 20th Century Fox has closed a high six-figures pitch deal for Alex Litvak & Mike Finch to write an untitled secret project that’s an action thriller set in deep space. I’m told that Timur Bekmambetov is circling the project, though he might well wait until a script is written before actually getting involved. The Verve-repped Litvak & Finch are best known for their big spec deal for Medieval to New Regency, with Wonderland producing. That picture, which once had Rob Cohen attached to direct, is being re-calibrated to go into production next year. The duo received sole credit on the Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators, and they are currently writing the Sony Pictures Entertainment/ Mattel film He-Man: Masters of the Universe. Litvak also wrote 3 Musketeers, the 3D movie that Paul W. S. Anderson is directing for Summit and Constantine.