RESIDUALS WARS: Stan Brooks Sends ‘Final’ Settlement Offer to AFTRA, WGA, DGA & MPI

MONDAY AM UPDATE: Stanley M. Brooks’ company Once Upon a Time Films issued a statement confirming a new extension to the settlement deadline:

“With progress made over the weekend, at the request of the combined Guilds, Once Upon A Time Films has agreed to extend the deadline for their filing to 12pm today and in the hopes that a settlement can be reached.”

PREVIOUS SUNDAY 1 PM: Shortly before today’s noon deadline on producer Stanley M. Brooks’ $500,000 settlement proposal to AFTRA, WGA, DGA and MPI, AFTRA sent Brooks a counter-proposal. AFTRA’s members are owed the lion’s share of residuals from the Brooks-produced LOGO series Sordid Lives that sparked the spat. I hear Brooks’ final offer was unconditional and was to include potential revenue he would receive from DVD sales of the 2008 series as well as any residual payments he would get from LOGO. Meanwhile, word is that AFTRA’s counter-proposal insists on the $500,000 being separate from any additional revenue Brooks might receive from the series, which also would go primarily to the actors on the show. Also, the counter-proposal is said not to be binding for the other guilds involved, meaning that WGA could proceed with its Tuesday court date on its own residual fight with Brooks over Sordid Lives. I understand that Brooks intends to object to the main points in the counter-proposal. It is not clear whether he would proceed with bankruptcy filing for his Once Upon a Time Films as he originally planned if his final proposal was not accepted.