I’m told that ITV is still discussing this 3rd show with Syco, which it plans to make after X Factor launches in the U.S. next Fall. The broadcaster hasn’t said yes to it yet. But Ellis Watson, managing director of Simon Cowell’s UK production company Syco, says the next show after Got Talent and X Factor won’t be a talent search. And it will almost certainly be made first by RTL’s production company FremantleMedia for UK broadcaster ITV. Interviewed in Royal Television Society magazine Television, Watson says: “What I need to do now is to make sure our 3rd golden egg is as shiny and tasty as our first two. We are not going to be like [TV producer] Endemol. We are not going to be like a factory where we keep knocking them out and hope.” Cowell plans to create a maximum of 6 entertainment brands over the next 5 years.