EXCLUSIVE: Showtime is developing Boycrazy, a half-hour comedy based on Alexi Wasser’s provocative blog ImBoyCrazy.com, with Wasser attached to star and Lynda Obst to executive produce. Wasser will co-create the potential series with Daisy Gardner (Californication), who will serve as showrunner. Boycrazy centers on a girl (Wasser) looking for love, purpose, and the meaning of her life, one dude at a time. It follows her as she tries to navigate the world of sexuality in the post-modern society of Los Angeles while trying to find real love. 3 Arts Entertainment is producing, with WME-repped Gardner, Obst and 3 Arts’ Dave Becky and Alan Rautbort executive producing. Wasser is with Don Buchwald & Assoc. This is the latest Internet property to migrate to TV. CBS’ sitcom $#*! My Dad Says was based on the Twitter feed, CBS is developing 2 more Twitter feed-based comedies for next season, Dear Girls Above Me and Shh … Don’t Tell Steve, while ABC is working on a series based on the Awkward family Photos blog. And Showtime recently acquired Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy videos to convert them into three 5-minute interstitials.

The slogan of Wasser’s ImBoyCrazy.com is A pep talk in the form of a slap in the face in the form of a blog. She shares experiences – as the name of the blog suggests mostly about men, relationships and sex – and shells out advice in writing and through live webcasts. Here are some PG-rated recent examples and a video promo for the blog:

If you and your crush share at least 15 mutual facebook friends, it’s totally meant to be.

If you meet a guy and IMMEDIATLY get your period, it means you’re soul mates.

There’s nothing sadder than a hot dude in BAD shoes!

Running in public is for assholes.

Boy Crazy Promo from alexi wasser on Vimeo.