Live+7 and C3 ratings for premiere week were released today, with most series posting double-digit increases when 7 days of DVR viewing was added to their original premiere week tally. In Live+Same day premiere week rating, no series cracked the 6 rating among adults 18-49. In Live+7, 4 series did that: ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy (6.8 rating, +25.9%), which surpassed Fox’s Glee (6.6, +17.9%) was the highest-rated program of premiere week among adults 18-49. ABC’s Modern Family (6.4, +25.5%) and CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (6.00, +22.4%) followed. On a percentage basis, CW’s 90210 (1.3) was the biggest gainer, up 44.4%, followed by Fox’s Fringe (3.1), up 40.9% and CW’s Gossip Girl (1.4), up 40%. Overall, returning series gained more than freshmen as viewers went primarily for old favorites when programming their DVRs.

Among the freshman class, Fox’s cancelled drama Lone Star (1.7) scored a small victory with the biggest Live+7 gain, 30.8% for a still-pretty-abysmal premiere number. CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 reboot (5.0) was No.2, up 28.2%, followed by NBC’s endangered Friday drama Outlaw (1.4), up 27.3%. Among networks, CW improved the most, with most of its series adding 30% or more to their Live+same day ratings. Other series with significant gains included NBC’s Parenthood (3.4), up 36%; Fox’s Bones (3.6), up 33.3%; NBC’s Community (2.9), up 31.8%; ABC’s Private Practice (4.3), 30.3%; and NBC’s Chuck (2.6) and CBS’ CSI: NY (2.6), both up 30%.   In total viewers, Hawaii Five-0 (17.6 million) added the most viewers, 3.4 million, followed by CBS’ The Mentalist (3.2 million) and Grey’s Anatomy (2.9  million). Hawaii Five-0 and The Mentalist became the most played back shows ever. No change in the viewership standings: CBS’ NCIS (21.7 million, +11.9%) was still the most watched program of premiere week. One footnote: The bulk of the time-shifted viewing was done in the first 3 days, so the Live+7 ratings were pretty close to the Live+3 numbers.

No major surprises in the C3 ratings for premiere week, which rank series by the number of viewers who watch the commercials. As a live sports broadcast, NBC’s Sunday Night Football (6.92 C3 rating) was No.1 by a wide margin. Grey’s Anatomy (5.11), Glee (5.00), Fox’s Family Guy (4.73) and Modern Family (4.68) followed. It is noteworthy that, despite the notion that younger viewers tend to skip commercials more than older ones, the younger-skewing series dominated the chart, with big draws for older audiences such as ABC’s Dancing with the Stars and CBS’ NCIS, CSI and The Mentalist further down the list.