Scratch the Warner Bros period crime drama Gangster Squad from Darren Aronofsky’s Things To Do List. That Will Beall-scripted picture momentarily seemed to be the only thing in the way of the Black Swan helmer reuniting with his Fountain star Hugh Jackman in the Christopher McQuarrie-scripted X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2 at 20th Century Fox. The festival acclaim for Black Swan has put the filmmaker in hot demand (there was also a reported flirtation with Superman) and now it’s a matter of dealmaking isn’t easy. Word is that Aronofsky–who worked for next to nothing upfront to get Black Swan made is in the throes of landing a healthy payday in the vicinity of $5 million against 5% of gross. Fox hasn’t closed a deal yet with the filmmaker’s CAA reps, but clearly Fox sees the filmmaker as ready to make that leap from modest grossing prestige fare like The Wrestler to the high gross stratosphere, the kind of leap made by filmmakers like Bryan Singer and Chris Nolan.