The revamp is set for the Lucille Lortel Theatre for 2011-2012, and director Stafford Arima (Ragtime and Altar Boyz) is promising new songs and material. But this MCC Theater announcement that it plans to retool and relaunch the musical Carrie makes me think there is still a chance for remakes of Ishtar and Plan 9 From Outer Space. Because Carrie was that big a flop, historic, losing $8 million. As a cub reporter at New York Newsday assigned to cover Broadway opening nights, I went to the 1988 opening of Carrie expecting big things because the Stephen King book is such a chilling coming of age tale and the movie wasn’t bad, either. The musical started out OK and, at intermission, I chatted up King, who was encouraged. But then we returned to our seats, the curtain rose, and the bad kids launched into Out For Blood. Meant to be a showstopper, the number cemented Carrie‘s rep as one of the worst ever musicals. Reviewers were merciless, and the musical closed after just 21 performances. Changing that second act opener seems a no-brainer.