There’s nothing to UK newspaper reports over the weekend that Time Warner is eyeing the independent TV producer as its next acquisition, I’m told. “There’s nothing to it and nobody’s aware of any offer to come,” one insider tells me. Time Warner is completing its £100 million ($159 million) takeover of Brit TV production company Shed Media. All3Media produces teen soap Hollyoaks for Channel 4 and ITV crime drama Midsummer Murders, which has sold to 204 countries. If Time Warner was to buy All3Media, then the combined Shed/All3Media would become the UK’s biggest independent production company with combined revenues of £316.7 million ($502 million), according to trade mag Broadcast. Shine Group, the UK’s biggest independent producer with turnover of £265 million, would be pushed into second place. Both All3Media and Time Warner declined to comment.