Warner Premiere this morning announced an agreement with Dolphin Entertainment (Zoey 101) to co-finance and co-distribute multi-platform digital series. The  first two live-action series under the pact are futuristic tale H+ from producer Bryan Singer and high school action Aim High from producer McG. Here are description of the series:


H+ takes viewers on an episodic two-and-a-half hour, apocalyptic journey into the future where technology has gone horrifically wrong.  In 2019, 33% of the world’s population uses a radical new piece of technology – an implanted computer system called H +. This allows a person’s mind and nervous system to be connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. But that same year, a mysterious and vicious computer virus is released, and within seconds millions of people died — leading to radical changes to the political and social landscape of the planet. H+ is produced by Bryan Singer.  The series comes from writers John Cabrera (Gilmore Girls) and Cosimo de Tommaso who also serve as executive producers. It will be directed by Stewart Hendler (“Sorority Row”) and produced by Lance Sloane (Yucatan). H + is currently in pre-production and shooting expected to start by the end of the year.

Aim High

“Killing people is easy. High School is hard,” according to lead character Nick Green. Aim High is the story of a young man leading a double life – juggling his studies by day and serving as a government agent by night.  This series chronicles the life of Nick Green, a sophomore who’s just starting a new school year as one of the country’s 64 highly trained teenage operatives. When he’s not handling international spies, Nick is dreaming of Amanda Meyers, the most popular girl in school who’s cool, intelligent and very alluring. Aim High comes McG.  Peter Murrieta is the Executive Producer. The series is written by Heath Corson and Richie Keen (Living with Abandon) who also serve as Executive Producers, directed by Thor Freudenthal (Hotel for Dogs) and produced by Lance Sloane).  Pre-production is underway and shooting will take place in Los Angeles this October