The director’s fourth film sees her back in Lost in Translation mode rather than the camp period drama of Marie Antoinette, agree London critics. This time it’s Stephen Dorff rather than Bill Murray who’s playing an actor living an affectless life in a flat, blank hotel room. “For all the similarities, this does not have the brilliant seriocomic moments of Lost In Translation. If that was her hit single, then this is the B-side,” says the Guardian. The London Evening Standard says the film has no dramatic moments. Critic Derek Malcolm thinks Somewhere may last in the memory a little longer than Marie Antoinette, if not quite as long as her breakthrough second film. “[Coppola] takes satirical sideswipes at the celebrity-obsessed media. In particular, the director looks at the Hollywood circus with an anthropological eye: this is a very bizarre world indeed, with strange hierarchies and rituals,” says the London Independent, calling Somewhere “affecting and quietly funny”. Ironically, at one point during the film Dorff’s character accepts what looks like a golden cat as a prize at an Italian awards ceremony. The Guardian believes Coppola is in with a chance of lifting the real Golden Lion. Focus Features will release Somewhere in the US on December 22.