I can’t blame Sly Stallone for wanting to milk The Expendables for all its worth. On his new Twitter account, Stallone says his director’s cut will be out in about six months but also “Inferno, which is the documentary, will be out soon – its hard core – everybodys on it.” What’s described as a brutal smackdown scene with former pro wrestler “Stone Cold” Steve Austin when a stunt went wrong on the Brazilian set of the movie, as well as the resulting trip to the hospital where Stallone was told he needed surgery for a spinal cord injury to his neck, are all captured in the documentary Inferno: The Making of The Expendables. Sly also just finished up The Expendables‘ DVD commentary. “Turned out great, think you’ll like it.” He’s already soliciting opinions about Expendables II. (FYI, Sly asks everyone including his gardener about his films.) “I am thinking what would be the most dangerous places in the world to set the sequel?… Had dinner with Bruce Willis… I want him in Expendables II as a super villain. What do you think?”