Summit Entertainment signed Jesse Wigutow to do a rewrite of The Osterman Weekend, the Robert Ludlum thriller. The picture was previously adapted into a 1983 Sam Peckinpah-directed film. Summit is trying to move fast to lock in Robert Schwentke, who is attracting buzz for his upcoming Bruce Willis-Helen Mirren starrer Red. Schwentke has competition for his next slot, as Universal wants him for RIPD with Ryan Reynolds. Wigutow just scripted an untitled Steve McQueen biopic, as well Divorcees for Universal and Snepp at HBO.

The Osterman Weekend is produced by Peter Davis, Simon Kinberg, Doug Liman and Jeffrey Weiner. Henry Morrison is exec producer. Like most Ludlum novels, it involves a guy trapped in a conspiracy, running for his life. Just before he  leaves on his annual weekend getaway with friends, John Tanner is visited by a reporter and told his pals aren’t who he thinks they are. When the journalist ends up dead, Tanner struggles to stay alive long enough to figure out who he can trust.