Screenwriter-producer Irving Ravetch died yesterday at Cedars Sinai Hospital of a lingering illness. He was 89. Ravetch and his wife and writing partner Harriet Frank Jr were nominated for two Academy Award for writing Hud (1963) and Norma Rae (1979). They co-wrote eighteen other films, including Hombre, Conrack, The Rievers, The Long Hot Summer, The Sound and the Fury, Home From the Hill, The Cowboys, Murphy’s Romance and The Dark at the Top of the Stairs. In addition to co-writing Hud, Hombre and The Rievers, Ravetch also served as a producer on them. Ravetch, who was born Nov, 14, 1920, in Newark, N,J., is survived by his wife Harriet Frank, Jr. as well as his sister Merona Frank and brother Herbert Ravetch.