The BBC report explored the way gays and lesbians are shown on British television. And of the one-fifth of the British population uncomfortable seeing gays on TV, 9% of those 2,000 sampled claim they are “very uncomfortable” about it. Gay activist group Stonewall tells me it’s not surprised that homophobes feel like this – gays and lesbians are just as unhappy about the way they’re portrayed by the BBC. “Gays and lesbians are often portrayed in a sensational and unrealistic way, which can be just as upsetting for straight people as well as gays,” Stonewall tells me. “Broadcasters have a responsibility to recognise there are gay and lesbian licence fee payers who have been let down for years by the way they’ve been portrayed.” Stonewall’s own research shows that the BBC’s portrayal of gay people has rarely been positive or realistic. It published a report in July that found out of 39 hours of BBC1 programmes watched by young people, only 44 seconds portrayed gays positively.