It didn’t take long for new Shine Group Americas CEO Emiliano Calemzuk to put his stamp on Reveille with a major executive move. Calemzuk, who joined Shine last month, has reshuffled the top management at the Shine-owned company: co-managing director Howard T. Owens will now run the company solo as managing director, while  co-managing director Mark Koops is leaving. Additionally, executive producer Robin Ashbrook has been promoted to the newly created role of Head of Non-Scripted Entertainment. Koops is pursuing a new venture, which will be announced shortly, Shine said. “This is a re-structure that will equip Reveille for the next period of its growth,” Calemzuk said. In a similar fashion, 3 weeks after taking over Fox TV Studios as president in 2007, Calemzuk shook up the company’s top management by axing 3 department heads.

After the May 2007 departure of Reveille founder Ben Silverman to run NBC, the company was co-headed by 4 management directors, Owens, Koops, head of Reveille International Chris Grant and head of business affairs Lee Rierson. Following Shine’s acquisition of Reveille, Grant became head of Shine International. Rierson continues as managing director business affairs reporting to Owens.

Ashbrook, an executive producer on Reveille’s series MasterChef, which was recently renewed for a second cycle, and the upcoming Live To Dance for CBS, will now oversee non-scripted formats on the Reveille slate and head unscripted development, reporting to Owens. Ashbrook joined Reveille a year ago from another Shine company, UK-based Shine TV. Reveille’s new management structure is similar to that of Zodiak USA (formerly RDF USA), which is run by CEO Grant Mansfield, with another well-known British reality producer, Natalka Znak, as chief creative officer.

Koops, who was brought over to Reveille from WMA by Silverman, is the co-creator and executive producer of Reveille’s biggest unscripted hit, The Biggest Loser, and also served as executive producer of American Gladiators, Nashville Star, Shear Genius.

Once an indie powerhouse, Reveille since Silverman’s departure has not been able to field unscripted and scripted hits of the caliber of The Biggest Loser and The Office, with MasterChef as its most promising new show in awhile.