I have been so consumed with the deal flow at the Toronto Film Festival that I’ve let stage and publishing languish. Worth noting:

— Ace theater columnist Michael Riedel has a scoop that Nicole Kidman will return to Broadway for the first time since The Blue Room in a revival of Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth. Kidman’s The Hours producer Scott Rudin is at the center of this, and David Cromer will direct. She’ll play Alexandra Del Lago, an aging, drunken and sexually raging movie star. This comes right after Lionsgate picked up Rabbit Hole and jumped into the Oscar race, especially for Kidman’s strong performance as a mother who loses her child and tries to keep her marriage from crumbling.

King Kong‘s climactic scenes begin in a New York theater, so maybe it’s appropriate that the great ape will be the focus of a Broadway musical aimed for 2013, in a theater with a lot of headroom. The book is being written by Prelude to a Kiss’s Craig Lucas and Marius de Vries is composing.

— Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom will be the first selection in the revival of Oprah Winfrey’s book club. Franzen famously rejected the accolade on his last book, The Corrections. Publishers who once salivated over the Oprah selection are now a bit ho-hum about it. It will be interesting to see if she still spells the difference between a book making the bestseller lists, or not. Franzen’s already there, and he’s sold the Freedom movie rights to Scott Rudin.