EXCLUSIVE: The Weinstein Company just unlocked the first acquisition of the Toronto International Film Festival. The film is Sarah’s Key, and TWC bought all U.S. rights to  the film starring Kristin Scott Thomas that’s based on The New York Times best-selling book by French journalist and literary critic Tatiana De Rosnay. Directed by Gilles Paquet-Brenner, Sarah’s Key consists of intertwining past and present stories: one about the 1942 Paris roundups of Jewish families and transports of them to Auschwitz, and the other 60 years later about the journalist who learns that her husband’s family took possession of their Parisian apartment from a dispossessed Jewish family and stumbles upon the story of the little girl who locked her brother in a bedroom cabinet to protect him from the Nazis. The novel has been translated into 15 languages and published in 22 countries. Stephane Marcil produced the film which is likely to open theatrically next year. Sales agent was Gregoire Melin.