Mark Gordon, co-President of the Producers Guild Of America, just sent this email to PGA board members a few minutes ago about my exclusive, Producer Mark Gordon Uses N-Word Twice At TV Pilot Table Read: Lifetime Notifies ABC Studios “This Needs To Be Dealt With”

From: Mark Gordon
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2010 6:58 PM
Dear fellow PGA board members –

As your Co-President, I feel it is important to express my embarrassment and regret about a recent incident that was reported in the press today. As many of you know, I frequently put my foot in my mouth and say offensive things, not because I intend to but because I am sometimes careless.

Two months ago, during a table read, in response to a line in the script, I attempted to act out an impromptu version of “Blazing Saddles.” At the time, I immediately understood my actions were inappropriate because of the racist language in the scene. I apologized to everyone in the room, as well as producers, studio executives and the network. I also am apologizing to you. I hope you do know that my heart is always open to everyone.

The producing community has nurtured me and supported me through countless ups and downs throughout my 30 years in the business. We all make mistakes, and believe me, I know that this was a big one. I ask – although I may not always deserve – for your understanding.