ABC’s new character-driven procedural Body of Proof stars Dana Delany as an ambitious medical examiner whose first career as a brilliant neurosurgeon was dashed after a car crash. Executive producer Matthew Gross dismissed parallels to the 1970s NBC series Quincy, M.E. “This is not your father’s Quincy; it’s a new take on medic examiners,” he said. “We set out to do a character-driven procedural, started off with Dana’s character, and grew form there.” With that, Delany cracked a joke about her resemblance to Quincy star Jack Klugman.

She went on to say that, of all the TV roles she has played, the one on China Beach feels closest to her turn on Body of Proof. “She’s complicated, smart, addicted to the job and to power, but she has lost it all, so she needs to redeem herself,” she said of her new character.

Two intriguing details surround Delany’s casting in the pilot. Delany herself was in a serious car accident mirroring that of her heroine a couple of months before she was approached for the role. And she was approached for it because ABC brass had just seen her 2-episode arc on Castle, which stemmed from an invitation by her friend and star Nathan Fillion. So Fillion is essentially responsible for Delany’s new gig.

Delany also highly recommended that everyone witnesses an autopsy. “It’s fantastic; makes you take care of your body.” As for the show being set in Philadelphia but shooting in Providence, Rhode Island, the producers noted it’s being fondly referred to as “Pro-ladelphia.”