This is looking like a good year for acquisition titles available at the Toronto International Film Festival, even beyond the films that are being screened in the festival program. Inferno Entertainment announced this morning they will screen Tomorrow, When The War Began, the directorial debut of Australian writer Stuart Beattie. The film’s producer, Omnilab Media, has committed to putting up the P&A costs for North America as it did for the Jason Statham-starrer The Bank Job. The picture will be released in Australia September 2 through Paramount.

Based on the John Marsden novel that spawned a series popular in Australia and New Zealand, the film’s about high school teens who camp in the bush, return and find their houses deserted and the phone lines cut. They realize their country has been invaded, and they battle the occupying force. Beattie’s credits include the Michael Mann-directed Collateral, Pirates of the Caribbean and 30 Days of Night.