Here is news that none of the theater chains or film studios want publicized: New York City’s latest bed bug infestation has expanded into movie theaters. Audience members have reported bites at Times Square’s AMC Empire 25 and in Harlem’s AMC Magic Johnson 9, according to news reports. Yuck! Since then, there’ve been inspections, exterminations, seat replacements, and more inspections. At least this time, no one is denying there’s a problem. (Whereas rumors of a bed bug problem last Thanksgiving was denied by NYC theater chains.) Then again, the current outbreak in NYC office buildings and retail stores have received massive publicity. Suggestions for moviegoers include 1) select washable attire, 2) isolate clothing and shoes upon returning home, 3) dump into a hot wash and dry as soon as possible, 4) leave purses and bags back at home, 5) inspect the popcorn for anything that moves.