UPDATE: Co-showrunners Tina Fey and Robert Carlock confirmed that 30 Rock will keep poking fun at new NBC Universal owner Comcast next season even more than this past season — though not by name. Here’s the “Kabletown” website already, filled with details about the “GE Sheinhardt NBC Universal partnership and the promise of meeting the girl from Chuck for our executives”. With the deal expected to gain regulatory approval by the end of 2010, Carlock told Deadline Hollywood: “We’re incorporating a fictionalized version of that. There are a couple of things we’ve got in the works.” Added Fey: “We’ll show the new bosses, new rules, new work pressures.” The sitcom already has a history of sending up NBCU’s Jeff Zucker and Ben Silverman. Is Brian Roberts and Steve Burke next? Here’s how 30 Rock describes Philadelphia-based Kabletown already:  “Why Kabletown with a K? Because K stands for the Kindness we show our customers, the Keen interest we take in their needs and because Cabletown with a C was already the name of a store that sold cable knit sweaters and legal said we had to spell it with a K…” You 30 Rock viewers (and Deadline commenters) know way more about this than I do. Sorry, but I’m not a fan.