I have been wondering how any honest campaigning can be held in the ongoing SAG election what with this ludicrous anti-free speech SAG-AFTRA Non-Disparagement Agreement in effect. It forbids any criticism of either guild’s current leadership written or verbal — which in effect silences not just any public dissent but also any public discussion during this election. But last night, the SAG electioneering began to intensify with the website MembershipFirst.com’s outreach effort to campaign against SAG’s status quo. Turnabout is fair play. After all, the website UniteForStrength.com representing SAG’s so-called National Majority was first to attack its opposition MembershipFirst. And then there’s the anonymously run Sagwatch.net which regularly bashes SAG’s MembershipFirst (even though everyone is well aware there’s an AFTRA Board member behind it). And its loyal opposition Sagwatchdog.net which is also anonymous. Clearly, all sides now intend to campaign, albeit some in the shadows. Here’s the latest: