UPDATE: Mark Gordon Apologizes To PGA
Producer Mark Gordon Uses N-Word Twice At TV Table Read: Lifetime Notifies ABC Studios “This Needs To Be Dealt With”

EXCLUSIVE 2ND UPDATE: I’ve now learned that, after Lifetime HR reported Mark Gordon to ABC Studios HR, the producer was “admonished aggressively” by ABC Studios EVP Howard Davine, who oversees Business Affairs and Administration for Disney’s TV production studio. I’m told that Davine called up Gordon the day after the producer used the N-word twice at a pilot table read and told him, “We need you to understand this is a completely inappropriate thing you’ve done. We know you’ve never had any experiences like this before. But we will be watching you.”

No other action was taken by ABC Studios.

Meanwhile, I’ve also learned that Shonda Rhimes, Gordon’s African-American co-executive producer on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, learned about the test read incident because of Deadline Hollywood’s report. A source close to her told me today, “She thinks he’s an idiot. She thinks what he did is terrible, stupid, and embarrassing. But she doesn’t  think he’s a racist.”