sorcerers_apprentice_movie_poster-550x813SUNDAY AM: What a huge disappointment for Disney. Jerry Bruckheimer’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice tanked by making only $5.4M Friday and $6.9M Saturday from 3,504 U.S. and Canadian theaters for what should be a paltry $17.3M for the 3-day weekend. So the pic’s cume is now $24.4M. Little wonder that Hollywood thinks this may well be the last film at Disney where megaproducer Bruckheimer just phones it in.

FRIDAY PM: Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice only made $5.2M Friday from 3,504 theaters for what should be a paltry $17.5M for the 3-day weekend. The pic’s 5-day projection keep going down, from $35M to $30M to $25M for the costly Nic Cage starrer.

FRIDAY AM: Disney’s disappointing Sorcerer’s Apprentice made $3.2M Thursday for a new 2-day cume of $7M. “Hard to believe it’s going to be a happy outcome,” one rival studio mogul chortled to me. “It’ll struggle to hit $30sM.” (Solid $3M Midnights For Nolan’s ‘Inception’)

WEDNESDAY PM/THURSDAY AM UPDATE: Sources at rival studios tell me that Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice made about $3.7 million today from 3,385 theaters in the U.S. and Canada. That makes for a 5-day projection of less than $30M, and one studio predicted only $20+M, which is extremely disappointing for the costly Jerry Bruckheimer tentpole starring Nic Cage, and much less than even the low-ball $35M which Hollywood thought it could make. But I’d been following the pic’s tracking, which at no point hinted at a blockbuster.

At 2 1/2 weeks out, Sorcerer’s Apprentice was tracking worse than his U.S. underperformer Prince Of Persia: only 29 definite interest and 3 first choice compared to Persia‘s 36 definite interest and 5 first choice at the same time period. Though exhibitor screenings had gone well, Disney was concerned. A week later, numbers for Sorcerer’s Apprentice showed gains with tracking “a lot less dire,” one rival studio exec told me. But then, Sorcerer’s Apprentice stalled at 8% first choice and didn’t gain anything last weekend, which is unusual. “You’d like to see that weekend before opening show some real growth. But the pic is not showing a heck of a lot of strength with family audiences,” another source told me. “I’d be surprised if it got to $40M over the 5 days.” Yesterday, tracking was still stalled, showing that the 5-day total might only reach $30M and maybe get to $35M. “That’s bad,” a rival studio exec told me.

Then again, Prince Of Persia was a North American disappointment when it opened to $30M and has now taken in $89M. But it has made 72% of its money internationally for $236M and what is now a worldwide cume of $325M. So perhaps Sorcerer’s Apprentice will, too.